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MoodPoem. Light. Art. Display

LIGHT adds essence, color and energy to our lives. It makes our world visible, giving warmth and a sense of wellbeing. Our more individualised needs call for a light that itself is customisable and flexible solution.

MoodPoem is a limited and exclusive wall-light that combines art, light and design into a poetic unity. Through an innovative optical light principle, MoodPoem creates color environments and a new experience of light.


MoodPoem allows you to define the right light for any occasion you thinking of. The brilliance of the colors, the harmonious color play and the shear quality of light experience will surprise you.

MoodPoem is developed as a sculpture of light, both timeless and exceptional in the standard it sets. Explore light as a poem.

A light as individual and flexible as you are. 

Design Features

Most advanced art


Emotion in Light

MoodPoem provides a play of light in brilliant and exceptionally vibrant colors. A light and color display like no other. Experience light from a different angle.



Smartphone and TouchPad

Using your Smartphone, you can control the changing colours via the MoodPoemApp or through the integrated TouchPad. Easily dimm, change, and modulate the light. You even have the possibility to control multiple devices simultaneously.


Revolutionary 35 mm Depth

MoodPoem is the first light art display of its size that can integrate RGB+WW Light, Bluetooth interface, controlling and power supply in just 35 mm of depth. You just have to plug it in and let your MoodPoem play its light into your space.

Experience Color

MoodPoem Light Principle

MoodPoem born out of an innovative light principle developed by us from an art installation with the most advanced technology. MoodPoem unifies art, design and technology into a beautiful light synergy.


Sustainable Light Art

For MoodPoem we have developed an smart and powerful RGB+WW light solution (red, green, blue + warmwhite), made for a long service life and sustainability. Through our innovative design we integrated power supply, controlling, LED, TouchPad inside MoodPoem’s 35mm depth. MoodPoem is fully manufactured in Germany to provide the maximum in quality.

Costum artwork


MoodPoem is a limited premium light art sculpture. We can personalise your MoodPoem in size, grid and frame color. Every MoodPoem comes with a numbered and signed certificate. On request we also do the assembly. Speak with us about your MoodPoem.


available features


  • revolutionary slim frame design of 35 mm
  • brilliant play of color
  • light principle by MoodPoem
  • Custom Aluminum frame
  • semi-gloss polish and diamond surface finishing
  • RGB + warmwhite long-lasting LED technology
  • Smartphone App Control (Android | iOS)
  • TouchPad Control
  • horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Plug and Play (all technology inside)
  • ESG Glassfront
  • Timeless Design
  • Weight: circa 10 kg


  • MoodPoem 50 (50 Inch diameter|106cm to 73,5cm)
  • MoodPoem 35 (35 inch diameter|73,5cm to 53cm)
  • All models are available in white and black grid with 35mm depth
  • 24 month warranty


  • 24V RGB + WW LEDS (energy saving)
  • CRI Index > 90 (high quality index of light)
  • over 2000 lm performance Energy efficancy rating A
  • Color temperature: 500 – 3000k


  • frame color, size, cable color, more options on request


Please download our PRODUCT FOLDER here for more informations. (2MB)







Where does MoodPoem come from?

Initially MoodPoems comes from an error. I almost messed up a project where I wanted to do something with slides mounts but then discovered the light and color principle behind MoodPoem. I made a huge first installation in Cologne and produced a small collection of five for collectors and galleries. I always wanted to make an easy, interactive and innovative art display out of it. It took almost three years to develop all the technology with my team. MoodPoem started with artistic approach, but without the team it would be impossible to realize all the details in the Mood- Poem. We are the first that have integrated the power supply and all technology inside a display of this size with 35mm depth.

Do you consider MoodPoem as an artwork or design object?

Well, I have the feeling that some do not consider me as an artist, but I get exhibitions in galleries and museums. Some do not consider me as an designer but feature me in design magazines invite me to the Milan fair. I have tried to be both, but I realized that I do not want to be on any side. Actually, I do not care any more, who needs the line anyway? MoodPoem is so much iconic it can set its standard for itself! There is so much technology and knowledge inside but it would be nothing without art. Vice versa, I think artworks have to be crafted with perfectionism.

Do you have any message of your work?

I want to approach my objects as good questions and everybody should find his or her answers. Diversity and positioning are two themes that guide me.

Can you short up where you and your teams come from?

I have studied Communications and Art (B.A. Vienna) and Design, Economy and Engineering in Cologne and Brazil (M.Sc). But my focus was always on theory and art. Sounds complicated, but this is where I learned to go on the line. All of the team are specialist in specific fields, like material science, light engineering and business to make one holistic object. The team made it happened, that we could include all of our vision into MoodPoem.

What is your process like?

I want to force errors and explore material from a child’s point of view. If I have found something I might develop something different. My process starts with diving into the material to understand the essence and appearance of it first. I need to touch, try, destroy, analyse and question: Why do we junk abrasive paper instead of using it as a new image carrier that is able to work with real material? Why do we think photography is the most efficient way of portraying ourselves instead of using our own body fluids? Is sugar material or food or both? How is a slide frame working? Then I search for the right team that could make it happened in a professional and essential way.

What are your upcoming projects?

I have made an amazing motorbike with Phillip Wulk and Matthias Pittner, where we explore the aesthetic of motorbikes in a new iconic way. I have some fluid ideas in my mind, lets see which ones become form. Have a look at




      Fabian Gatermann (M.Sc.Design), Prof. Herbert Gillig (SCE Mentoring), Dr. Roland Heinz (SCE Mentoring), Cornelius Schneider (Dipl. Ing. Material Science), Klaus Sigl (Light Engineer), Florian Platz (Business Development), Philipp Wulk (Photos), Aiko Blank (Video)


Ritter Sport, Kastner AG, Forum für konkrete Kunst, Gallery Rundgaenger Frankfurt, Gallery 30 works Cologne, Design Hostel Wohngemeinschaft Cologne, Luminale 2016 Frankfurt, GEPE Geimuplast, Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, ArtMuc


New Talent, DMY Design Fair Berlin 2013 (collectors edition),Forum für konkrete Kunst, Erfurt, Luminale 2016, ArtMuc…


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